We value all of our members and do our best to ensure everyone is able to take part in all activities. Our dedicated Inclusion staff work with young people with additional needs to create an environment where they feel included and involved. 

What is Inclusion at The Factory?

After the work The Factory Youth Zone achieved with previous A Level Playing Field funding, we have continued to ensure more disabled young people are involved in activities along with their able-bodied peers. The Factory Youth Zone will ensure regular activities in the Youth Zone are accessible for all young people. 

The project was launched to address issues of limited facilities or services close to home for families with disabled children. We continue to aim to get disabled young people involved in inclusive sports and recreational activities such as football, badminton, basketball, climbing, dancing, and creative play.

Providing a Safe Environment for Everyone

The safety of young people is paramount to this project and The Factory will ensure each young person is supported and treated with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate behaviour that is deemed to be oppressive, bullying or aggressive to another member and strive to ensure all young people feel relaxed and comfortable. Staff and volunteers will be provided with an annual quality assured training programme to ensure they have the necessary skills to support young people with additional needs and disabilities. 

Every young person with a disability that signs up to be a member at The Factory is invited to meet with our Inclusion Officer, Bex Halliwell. At the meeting, a tour of the youth zone will be given and you will be able to meet some of our dedicated staff, ask any questions about what we do and what we offer. At this point, we will assess the needs of the young person to help make their time at the centre as enjoyable, safe and rewarding as possible.

Your Feedback

The Factory monitors the participation and progression of young people. We provide opportunities for feedback and encourage young people to make decisions on the service that affects them. Moreover, we wish to provide opportunities for families to mix socially and feel more connected to their community.

By listening to families and learning together, our aim is to see families of children and young people with disabilities flourish as they increase their levels of independence, raise their aspirations and experience improved physical and mental well-being. 

When a young person with additional needs signs up to Become a Member, parents or guardians will be invited for a brief discussion with our Inclusion Officer, Bex Halliwell.

This meeting will be an opportunity for young people and parents/carers to ask questions and learn that the experience of attending The Factory Youth Zone will be both safe and fulfilling. The meeting will also help establish how The Factory can best support the young person in regards to any additional needs they may have.

It is important to note that The Factory Youth Zone is unable to offer professional 1:1 support to young people attending activities, however, we allow families to organise their own specialist care for their young person. A young person may attend sessions with their own 1:1 support worker or carer who must bring in identification and fill in a Third Party Worker form, available at reception. 

We know that some young people require extra support to get the most out of their experience at The Factory Youth Zone.

Enhanced Inclusion Sessions focus on creating the right environment for those with medium to high additional needs to thrive. We believe that these sessions will help young people build confidence and increase their levels of independence. 

What’s different about an Enhanced Inclusion Session?

  • There are more Inclusion Workers on hand to encourage members with additional needs to engage in a range of activities.
  • Priority is given to members with medium to high needs and staff will adapt activities to cater for these young people.
  • Activities are run on a set timetable that is broken down into manageable 30 minute slots. 

When are Enhanced Inclusion Sessions?

Juniors: Tuesday 3:30pm – 8pm

Seniors: Wednesday 6:30pm – 10pm

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from taking part in our Enhanced Inclusion Sessions, please get in touch with our Inclusion Officer, Bex Halliwell, via email or by calling 0161 203 5333

Structured fitness and sports sessions for young people with additional needs, every Sunday from 12:30pm – 4pm. These sessions are free!

You can find out more here