Help Into Employment

We run an accredited employment programme sponsored by Accenture and the AO Smile Foundation. The ‘Get a Job’ programme prepares members for the world of work through mock interviews and work experience. Members on the course are also taught key personal skills for employment such as self-awareness, motivation and empathy.

We are also part of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme which offers a highly personalised approach to supporting young people who are facing major barriers to employment. The initiative works with young people aged 18-24 who have not been in employment, education or training for 12 or more months.

TUntitled design (17)he Employability Team

Employability Coordinator, Mindi Leonard and Duncan Hempson, Employability Youth Worker.

Get The Support You Need

If you are a young person who is looking for help into employment, get in touch with Mindi or Duncan who will provide you with the help you need.

Call: 0161 203 5333

Email: or


Case Study – Joshua Warwick

Joshua took part in the Accenture ‘Get a Job’ course and was successful in gaining employment with Skytrac, where he works as a Catering Assistant with TransPennine Express. Talking about his life before taking part in the course, Joshua said, “I felt horrible on jobseekers, nothing to do all day and no money to do anything with. I felt like nothing but a statistic and not a good one.”

The ‘Get a Job’ course helped Joshua achieve his goal of gaining meaningful employment. Speaking about the change in his life since graduating from the programme, Joshua said,

“I have regained a lot of my confidence. With this job I have options for promotion and I feel as if I am actually getting somewhere in life. Without Mindi, The Factory and those who fund the course, I would not of had this opportunity and would still be stuck feeling like nothing.”