Team Building Days

Team building daysLooking for an exciting venue to host a corporate team building day? Look no further than The Factory Youth Zone!

Our trained and dedicated staff can provide bespoke team building events for groups of varying sizes. We have packages to suit all budgets, starting from £49 per head including refreshments.

Download a booking form here.

Team Building Sample Package 

 8.30am – 9am


Breakfast, briefing of events and introduction to staff

 9am – 9.15am

 Tour of building

 9.15am – 9.30am 

 Warm up game

 9.30am – 10.30am

 Activity – choose from list

10.30am – 11am

 Break for refreshments

Different catering packages available

 11am – 11.30am

 Creative game

 11.30am – 12pm

 Leadership game

 12pm – 1pm

 Activity – choose from list

 1pm – 1.30pm


Different catering packages available

 1.30pm – 2pm

 Activity – choose from list

 2pm – 2.30pm

 Group Meeting/ Review

This time can be used as your company sees fit. We ask that you provide us with your feedback on the day’s events.


tblTeam building, leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication games

Treasure island
Participants are put into small teams. Each have the same pieces of equipment and must get from A to B overcoming obstacles on the way.

Sheep in the pen & Mine fields
The teams must look at overcoming obstacles such as land mines and navigate through different routes whilst some members of the team are blind folded.

Spiders web
Team must use the spaces on the spiders web to pass through. This involves the group working together to support each other’s body weight as some gaps in the web are off the floor.

Towers of Hanoi
Team game involving the mind. The group must recreate the pyramid but with specific instructions.

Egg and parachute
Devise a parachute and basket capable of dropping an egg from the first floor balcony without it cracking.

Tower building

Bridge crossing

tbsmallTeam building games

Cat and mouse
Capture the flag
Team relay races
Old school sports day


Arts & Crafts (various)
Dance (various)
Indoor Rock Climbing
Obstacle Course
Roller Skating
Tag Rugby
Ultimate Frisbee
Vigour Boarding

If there is anything else that you would like to try or have experienced in the past then let us know as we can accommodate most activities.

“I was amazed at the size of the facility and all the activities on offer. The staff were excellent and very helpful throughout.”

To find out more and discuss your requirements, email or call 0161 203 5333.