We value all of our members and do our best to ensure everyone is able to take part in all activities. Our dedicated Inclusion staff work with young people with additional needs to create an environment where they feel included and involved. 

Some of the Inclusion team! L-R: Alex, Jade, Amanda (Inclusion Coordinator), Kay and Enoch.

Becoming a member

When a young person with additional needs signs up as a member, parents or guardians will be invited for a brief discussion with our Independence Coordinator, Amanda Cross. This meeting will be an opportunity for young people and parents/ carers to ask questions and to learn that the experience of attending The Factory will be both safe and fulfilling. The meeting will also help establish how The Factory can best support the young person in regards to any additional needs they may have.

It is important to note that The Factory Youth Zone is unable to offer personalised 1:1 support to young people attending activities, however we allow families to organise their own specialist care for their young person.

A Level Playing Field

The ambition for A Level Playing Field is to see more disabled young people taking part in The Factory Youth Zone’s regular day-to-day activities.

Children’s Able and Disabled Sports

A Level Playing Field will also see the development of CADS (Children’s Able & Disabled Sport) events operating during school holidays. All activities provided at CADS events are suitable for all young people.

Enhanced Inclusion Sessions

Enhanced Inclusion sessions take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These evenings offer young people with medium to high needs the extra support they require to increase their level of engagement.

Everybody Can

Structured fitness and sports sessions for young people with additional needs every Sunday.