Reasons for joining the Mentoring programme range from wanting to gain the confidence to try new and exciting things to having experienced severe emotional hardship. The programme runs directly from the Youth Zone in Manchester but is open to young people from all areas.

Young people are matched to a Mentor who they meet weekly with for at least a year to receive support, guidance and encouragement to achieve their goals.

An application form can be picked up at reception, or filled in online.

The Factory’s Mentoring programme has Approved Provider Standard from the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

Sign up to Mentoring!

You do not need to be a member of The Factory Youth Zone to be put on the waiting list for a Mentor.

All you need to do is pick one up from reception in the building. Speak to our Mentoring Coordinator, James Dronsfield for more information.

Volunteer as a Mentor

If you are an adult aged 21 or over and you want to volunteer as a Mentor, download a form and return it to

If you want a bit more information about what a Mentor is, download our short guide!

APS - Approved Provider Standard