A Level Playing Field

A Level Playing Field_CMYKWhat is A Level Playing Field?

A Level Playing Field is a project created to ensure more disabled young people are involved in activities along with their able bodied peers. The Factory Youth Zone will ensure regular activities in the centre are accessed by all young people.

The project has been launched to address issues of limited facilities or services close to home for families with disabled children. The focus of the project will be to get disabled young people involved in inclusive sports and recreational activities such as football, badminton, basketball, climbing, dancing and creative activities. 

Children’s Able and Disabled Sports at The Factory

During school holidays, A Level Playing Field will replicate the award winning sports programme ran by Seashell Trust. The Seashell Trust’s CADS programme (Children’s Able and Disabled Sports) is well known for offering sport, health and leisure activities that are suitable for both able and disabled young people.

Providing a Safe Environment for Everyone

The safety of young people is paramount to this project and The Factory will ensure each young person is supported and treated with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate behaviour that is deemed to be oppressive, bullying or aggressive to another member and strive to ensure all young people feel relaxed and comfortable. Staff and volunteers will be provided with an annual quality assured training programme to ensure they have the necessary skills to support young people with additional needs and disabilities. 

Get Involved

Every young person with a disability  that signs up to be a member at The Factory is invited to meet with the Inclusion Coordinator, Amanda Cross.  At the meeting, a tour of the youth zone will be given and you will be able to meet some of our dedicated staff, ask any questions you want about what we do and what we offer. At this point we will assess the needs of the young person to help make their time at the centre as enjoyable, safe and rewarding as possible.

If you are interested in volunteering for A Level Playing Field, email Leanne who will be able to give you more information about how you can give more opportunities to young people with disabilities in Manchester.

Your Feedback

The Factory monitors the participation and progression of young people as part of A Level Playing Field. We provide opportunities for feedback and encourage young people to make decisions on the service that affects them. Moreover, we wish to provide opportunities for families to mix socially and feel more connected to their community. By listening to families and learning together, our aim is to see families of children and young people with disabilities flourish as they increase their levels of independence, raise their aspirations and experience improved physical and mental well-being.


This amazing initiative has been made possible by the Big Lottery Fund and St James’s Place Foundation.